Brillante Viernes: May 15, 2015

Happy Friday Saturday night!  I almost finished my post then it got deleted in the web… so here it is Saturday night and I am updating you all.  A few things to note from my week/weekend:

My husband was organizing HS students to go to the Department of Defense Lab Day, and it was awesome!  You can check out some details.  Here are some more blog posts that talk about EdCamp Metro DC highlights!  Also, I love this video that is a spoof on all EdCamps.  Finally, a take home message to all who plan to visit a carnival this year: If it seems that you and your husband are the oldest ones on the ride, get off before you vomit your chicken wings.  Trust me.  Also, evidently I am much wordier on Saturday nights, so that is why I write these on Friday!  Without further ado- my faves from this week:

  1. Everyone is talking about Verba!  Are you one of them?  What do you think?
  2. Selfies, Frida Kahlo and Kristy– oh my!
  3. This dot game could be used to review or to go over reading comprehension questions.
  4. I love this expanded idea of personalization!  I really want to improve on this more and want it to be my goal next year.

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