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Observation Ideas

Today I was fortunate to observe one of the French classes at our school.  Every time, I am able to observe another class, I always enjoy it.  Yet it has been all year before I have had a chance!  Luckily, I also got to observe the new teacher who will be teaching in the middle school, too.  Here are my favorite ideas from both classes:

  • I really like how our French teacher had a student review the warm-up.  It was much more engaging than when I review the warm-up!  Plus it allows someone else to write on the whiteboard, and everyone loves that.
  •  The students also did a pair question activity.  Many times, I will ask my students a specific question, but they were allowed to share any sentence about their partner.  This made the review speedier, and the students stayed more engaged.
  • Finally, during the observation lesson, my students did a password lesson.  A Spanish word flashed behind them, and students had to explain what the word was in Spanish without saying the “secret word.”  I was truly impressed with what my beginning students can do!  I used the password activity with my Spanish II students during Grandparents day, and everyone loved it!  I even had a grandmother and sister participate.  Don’t underestimate your students and try it soon!

Have you observed anyone recently?  Try to fit one in before the end of the year!


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