My favorite idea from EdCamp MetroDC


We are ready to go! (I'm in the pink jeans!)
We are ready to go! (I’m in the pink jeans!)

This Saturday was fabulous at EdCamp MetroDC!  Each time, I reiterate it- go to an edcamp near you!  We had a lot of edcamp newbies, and their ideas were beyond incredible.  It was such an honor to help lead the EdCamp with Chip Chase, Matt Frattali and Emily Simpson.  While I heard many great ideas, there was one that I want to grab and do by the end of the year!  (This was during the session lead by one of my awesome colleagues.  I was so happy that so many of my colleague attended!)

Two young teachers started their own voluntary professional development in their school to talk about innovative teaching strategies.  First, they sent out a Google Form about what topics people wanted to learn.  Then, they hold a session on the different topics every month.  Many times, they differentiate the sessions for different levels to make it meaningful for everyone.  They also have a blog to give people information if they cannot attend.

The name is also pretty awesome, too.  They call it Tea and Crumpets because teachers deserve to be treated like royalty.  At their sessions, they have tea and donuts.  My head has been spinning ever since this.  Have you done something like this?  I really want to create a renegade teacher PD that is run completely by teachers!

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