Triple I Challenge- Chat Stations!

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I did it!  This week, I implemented the idea of chat stations from the Idea of Pedagogy.  I posted pictures around the room.  We brainstormed topics for them to talk about for each picture, and I kept the notes on the board.  Students had to describe the pictures with their partners as they rotated around the room for a minute per picture.  I had sticky notes to add to their desk if they spoke in English- and they really didn’t!

A few things that I changed from the original chat stations- I did not have them write anything down.  I wanted them to concentrate on speaking and not worrying about constantly recording.  I also did not do a group review because I didn’t want it to be too repetitive.  However, in reflection, I would like to show them what details that they could add.  Next time, I want to have them only write down what they say for one picture (everyone will write about the same picture).  Then we can expand on what they wrote later.  It also might be nice to have a graffiti wall under one or two of the pictures, and students have to add details and cannot repeat anything.  This way, they are concentrating on speaking, but they do record some of their ideas.

Now it is your turn- what new did you try this week?  Share on your blog or below in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Triple I Challenge- Chat Stations!

  1. I tried Hide and Seek with Latin grammar and reading comprehension questions from the translation my students recently completed. Next time I’ll modify and allow them to steal questions from another group. This activity will be a good warm up before we go over the translation together in class. Gratias, Maris!

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