Best Techy and Non Techy Foreign Language Sub Plans

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This morning, I ended up with an unexpected sub day.  With all of the pollen flying around now, you may find yourself in the same situation.  Here are some of my current techy and non techy favorite sub plans:

Tech Plans:

  1. I love EdPuzzle as do my kids!  I have used it on snow days and in my class.  There are so many videos that reinforce lessons, and you can add as many questions as you like.  You can also add your voice if you would like to explain anything from the videos.
  2. I enjoy using online quizzes via our LMS Haiku.  Many people use Google Forms that will give automatic feedback.  I believe that this is also very helpful for sub plan days because you do not have to review the material as much the following day.
  3. Today, I also assigned some music videos for students to record what words they heard.
  4. I also believe that making sure students always have something to work on after they complete things in class.  My students work on Quizlet or Zondle.  This can also be used for sub days.

Non Tech Plans:

  1. I really like having students create comic strips using their vocabulary or retelling a story from class.
  2. Crosswords are great because they also allow students to check their work easily.
  3. I mentioned this website earlier with a lot of good cultural readings.
  4. Choice boards are also a great option.  Check out some for world languages.  These are also good if you are going to be out for a few days.

What are your current favorite sub plans?


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