Triple “I” Challenge for All Teachers!

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I have been reflecting recently (and repeatedly!) about the purpose of teacher blogs.  Today, I read an excellent article telling teachers to slow down.  To summarize, many times teachers will retweet an idea, or pin an excellent new activity… only for it to end there!  Perhaps it is for a topic that you have already taught, and you forget it next year.  Perhaps you are like me and have so much that you want to read and reread in order to digest this information that you don’t always get back to even reading it in the first place!  Plus, at this time of the year, I am lucky to make it through the end of the day on two feet.  That is going to change!

I challenge all teachers/blog readers/bloggers to implement one idea this week!  I am calling it the Triple I challenge or “Implement Ideas Immediately.”  It can range from a new technology to a quick warm-up to a complex project.  We can all meet back here next Thursday to talk about our successes, reflections and high five each other because… WE DID IT!  This challenge is open to all teachers not just foreign language teachers.  Join me!  See you here next Thursday with at least one thing checked off our to do lists!

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