Four Reasons to attend edcamp MetroDC

We are busy getting ready for EdCamp MetroDC! Are you in the area? Sign up and join us!

Edcamp MetroDC

Still on the fence about edcamp MetroDC on May 9? Here are four reasons why you should register!

1. Personalize your Professional Development

edcamp law of 2 feet

Edcamps are reliant on the law of two feet, encouraging participants to find a session that meets their needs.

Ever go to a conference and feel stuck in a session that sounded great, but didn’t turn out to be as relevant as you liked? Well, don’t feel that way at an edcamp! Take your learning into your own two … feet, and leave to find a better session. It’s not rude, it’s encouraged! (This is your Saturday after all.)

2. Network with other local educators

edcamp networking (1)

Edcamps are open to all who are interested in education. They tend to attract some of the most passionate and interesting educators around. Are you looking to increase your network of innovative educators? You’ll be sure to meet interesting teachers, specialists, librarians, school leaders and…

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