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Blended reflection

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As I have posted before (and others have mentioned as well), sometimes it seems like I am a perfect teacher and have a perfect classroom.  That is not true.  However, I do not always reflect on here.  Today, I wanted to post my own reflection on one aspect of my blended class.

Blogging!  For my blended class, I wanted all of my students to blog at the beginning of class.  This amounts to twice a week for them. At first they were excited, and I was excited!  I came up with lots of fun topics that I thought they would love to write.  Now the enthusiasm has really waned.  Since they haven’t had as much time, I eliminated blogging a few days, and they are happy about it.  Plus, I realized that I have been expecting a lot of output during Blended without always providing as much input.  If I want my students to become more proficient, I need more input.

I am changing things up!  I am going to minimize their blogging to once a week.  While originally, I also wanted them to do a few vlogs, I did not require it.  I am going to require it.  The other days, I am going to use EdPuzzle and Zaption to provide more INput.  My students have really enjoyed these activities on their snow days.  While I have provided various activities, I think including more of these will make my students enjoy the class and be more successful.


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