Kahoot: Ghost Mode!

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As many students do, my students LOVE Kahoot!  I try to keep it a secret at school, so they don’t get sick of it, but they even told their teachers to play it.  That is dedication!  After every game of Kahoot, they ask, “Can we play again?!”  Now, there is a great way for them to play and be able to beat their score!  Kahoot has introduced Ghost Mode.  (Never played it before? You can watch this video to try it!)

Once you get the feedback and results, there is a new button to press called play again.  All of the students are automatically entered back into the game with their original user names but now with a ghost next to their name.  They can try to win again, but more importantly, they can try to beat their score.  I really like this addition of trying to get his or her PR (or personal record as we called it in cross country.)  I am excited to show them this new addition!

7 thoughts on “Kahoot: Ghost Mode!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas. It helps me feel less like the only adult in the room some days.

    My students use ridiculous log ins on Kahoot, so it is not helpful to me specifically, only in general.
    I have used it to motivate students to study right then.

    Ever try Plickers? Teacher assigns a numbered card to each student ahead of time(accountability), then writes the questions and answers into the Plickers program. Using a smart phone, teacher selects the question and then the students respond by turning their cards (like an oversized QR code) in a different direction for A, B, C, or D. Teacher uses the smart phone camera to scan the cards the students are holding up, and you have your formative assessment. Students can store their card in their notebooks to use the next time. No waste, no passing out computers or logging in. They thought it was as fun as Kahoot and nearly magical. (hard to impress a teenager with technology these days)

    1. I am glad that my blog is helpful!! It is definitely my goal! I tell my kids that they have to use a name similar to their own. I kick them out if I can’t tell who they are. Plickers sounds awesome! I will definitely look into it. As more teachers at my school use Kahoot (not a bad thing per say, but I like to keep things fresh!) I will have to try something new!

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