Five quick tips to spice up your class tomorrow!

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I love that CSCTFL put up all of their handouts and presentations on Pinterest!  Can Maryland be a central state?!  So many lucky people who were able to attend have been posting ideas on their blogs.  I have been perusing the presentations through Pinterest- and there are a lot of great ones.  Here are some quick tips that I picked up that you can use tomorrow:

  1. Laura Catharine Carruthers-Green posted about music, which is always my favorite. (Side note- I was talking to my students that I taught three years ago, and they STILL remember some songs from class!  Score!) She posted some great ideas such as write an imaginary interview with the singer, and have students complete a jigsaw activity with some of the lyrics or words.
  2. Mercedes Koch and Ryan Rockaitis had a cute title- 60 Treats for your Bag of Tricks.  I really like how they use flashcards for an instant info gap activity.  You could describe the position of things, and students would arrange them.  You could also describe a story where people add things to their collection or list and have students keep track of the items.  I think any time you can add manipulatives to listening activities it is successful.
  3. Mercedes and Ryan also have an awesome PPT on speaking activities!  Nancy Doda (one of my favorite educational consultants!) showed us how to complete a fishbowl in a Socratic Seminar- essentially, students sit in a circle and debate a topic.  Students on the outside take notes and conference with the students once they are done.  I have seen this be done with a controversial topic… but they suggested using it for a simple conversation!  Seriously.  Genius.  Why didn’t I think of that?!
  4. I love Martina Bex!  She presented on bringing culture back to your classroom.  She has been my inspiration when I write culture in the target language.  It isn’t a quick tip, but you should check it out (or buy one of her units to see how she does it!)
  5. I saw so many wonderful tweets about Grant Boulanger’s presentation.  I really like his “jobs” description.  I want to add a quiz writer when I am telling a story.  Their job is to write a 15 question true/false quiz during the story.  I wish I had seen that before today!

Hopefully some of these tips will inspire you to read more of the wonderful ideas that are posted!  I wish that it wasn’t Spring Break next week, so I can incorporate more of them ASAP.

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