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School and restaurant authentic resources

school restaurant authres

Today, I wanted to share not one but two authentic resources that I used in my classes.  I am noticing that as my goals become more performance based, my lesson plans do as well.

My first resource is for different school vocabulary including a schedule, year calendar and back to school items.  I used this for my beginning students, so I wrote all of the questions in English and had the students respond in English.  I provided the link above the corresponding questions.  I actually didn’t do this electronically today because my students are returning from snow days with a lot of online work!  This could easily be turned into a practice if your school is not one-to one.

My second resource is for my Spanish II classes, and it talks about restaurants and foods.  I also put in a few questions about the supermarket flyer.  I have a whole separate activity if you are just working with food vocabulary.  The students really do enjoy looking at the different foods from different countries.  Here I used a mixture of Spanish and English questions.  I believe that many times students do not know what it means in English, but they can find the information and copy it onto their worksheet.  Have fun!


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