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EdPuzzle (and authentic resources)

Many people wanted to know how to use authentic resources.  One good source of authentic resources that students enjoy is YouTube.  I have wanted to look into EdPuzzle since it popped up on my radar a few weeks ago.  It allows you to embed a video and manipulate it in different ways.  First, you have to find a good video.  For clothes, there is a cute video series called Dress Code.  (Even if you do not use EdPuzzle, check out this series!  She also did some neat videos in Sochi- I wish I would have know last year!)  She also speaks very clearly.  For my beginners, there are a lot of visuals to help understand.  She also repeats many of the clothing words.

In EdPuzzle, you can crop a video, record over a video or create quizzes.  I created a quiz, and it was really easy.  As students are watching the video, they can rewatch it if they miss something.  Each time, they hit a certain point, questions pop up.  They cannot fast forward through the video.  There is a video that explains how the program works.

In my questions, I alternate between Spanish and English.  Sometimes I want students to know how to answer questions and communicate in Spanish.  Other times, I want to make sure that students understand the meaning and are not just copying down or listening for specific words or questions.  Tomorrow, my students will log in to complete this assignment.  This is perfect for a sub day or a snow day.


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