Noticias de marzo

Uruguay's president with President Bush
Uruguay’s president with President Bush

I have published another newsletter!  In this newsletter, I cover:

  1. Which countries speak the best English
  2. Which cities have the worst traffic
  3. Uruguay’s new president
  4. Nelson Cruz’s move to Seattle

To warm up, I am going to give my students true/false questions to answer without giving them any background information.  They will then find the answers in the articles once they have decided if the statements are true or false.  Here are the statements:

  1. NYC has the worst traffic in the world.
  2. People from Spain speak the best English in the world.
  3. Some Mexican cities have awful traffic.
  4. The current president of Uruguay was president previously.
  5. Uruguay’s former president gave most of his salary back to help people in his country.
  6. Nelson Cruz had the most home runs in the MLB last year.
  7. Nelson Cruz is from Haiti.

Enjoy the articles!  In other news, thank you to everyone who took my poll!  It will help me to formulate how I work with my blog and future presentations.  If you have not taken the poll yet, I would still really like your input.

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