My top 5 tech tools

Today, I thought I would reflect on my favorite tech tools that I use repeatedly (and an honorable mention that I think will work its way into my rotation!)  We are a one to one school, so all of my students have technology.  I want to make sure that I utilize it as much as I can. So in no particular order…

  1. Our learning management system is Haiku.  I think it is really intuitive.  I really like using the polls and assessments on Haiku.  They make our lives a lot easier.
  2. I love Quizlet!  This has to be my oldest go to method for learning vocabulary.  I really like how it recycles the content in new ways for students.  My students also rely on it to practice.  Plus, many times teachers have already created the vocabulary lists.  You just have to search for the right one.
  3. When I present stories, I really enjoy using PearDeck.  My students love it, too.  It gives great feedback, and the students enjoy the drawing aspect as well.
  4. If you haven’t played Kahoot, you are missing out!  My students get really excited to play Kahoot.  I even showed it to my husband, and he loved it.  (He doesn’t get overly excited about tech tools like I do either- haha!)
  5. Zondle has also been a blast for my students.  It has a lot of different options for students, and it provides good practice for them.

My “honorable mention” of sorts goes to VoiceThread.  I have only used it for two weeks.  I think if I was writing this post at the end of the year, it would sneak up into the stand-by list.

What are your favorite tech tools?  I love to know what else I should check out next!

8 thoughts on “My top 5 tech tools

    1. Adobe Voice is really easy to use and uploads to Edmodo or the kids Google Drive quickly. It looks like a very professionally done presentation.

      1. Thanks so much! I will have to look into it. I really like when the finished product looks professional, so the students could see themselves using something similar in the future.

  1. Haiku Deck for presentations, Weebly for my back up site, Edmodo for my LMS, Lesson Paths for video play lists and Quizlet.

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