Oh McDonalds!

It seems like everyone is putting their foot in their mouth recently!  I was watching Jeopardy, and Alex Trebek made the comment that he couldn’t believe that there were still Latin teachers and students who wanted to take Latin.  Facepalm!  The Latin teacher went on to win- thank goodness!  I was catching up on BBC Mundo, and I came across an article about McDonald’s offending Mexico.  On February 2nd, many Mexicans celebrate Día de la Candelaría which is forty days after Christmas.  It fuses Catholic and Pre-Columbian traditions, and people eat tamales that day.  McDonald’s decided that they should advertise that people should pass up tamales for… a McBurrito.  They promptly removed it from their Facebook page, but as usual, the thought will continue to live.  The article is interesting and worth a read.

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