Wayback Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Ideas

Is there anything better than cupcakes for Valentine's Day?!
Is there anything better than cupcakes for Valentine’s Day?!

I was going to post my Valentine’s Day ideas tomorrow, but my scheduled post is taking longer to write out than planned.  (Stay tuned, I am really excited for it!)  Instead, I am going way back (not really, just the past two years…) to talk about my favorite Valentine’s Day plans:

  1. These poems would be really comprehensible for a novice Spanish student.
  2. Last year, I made a Mad Lib and didn’t have a chance to use it in class because it was a snow day.  I can’t wait to try this year!
  3. Me gustas tú would be a great song to use this time of the year.
  4. I really love the Taylor Swift reading and writing activity, too!  This was a lesson that was mentioned by a parent during parent teacher conferences because they thought it was creative!
  5. On my to do list is to print off these cute hearts for a banner.
  6. Check out Allison’s list, too!

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