I had used VoiceThread earlier, and it seemed like a good tool, but I never loved it.  We have recently incorporated it into our LMS, so I took another look at it.  It is great!

I created a new VoiceThread, and I clicked on “Add Media” to add different pictures.  Once students are in the program, they can click on the plus sign, and this pops up:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.55.02 PMStudents can type the response (ABC), have the program call them (telephone), record a response with their computer (microphone), record a video (camera) or upload a comment (upload icon).  My students loved having the program call them!  I will say it is easier because VoiceThread is incorporated in our LMS, so the students did not have sign up for anything.

To review our vocabulary, students called in and left a two to three sentence message describing what they saw.  It took about 10-15 minutes total for four slides.  They also liked listening to what their classmates said.  In the future, I would like to allow my students to leave a question on a picture then have different students respond to these questions.

I gave my students a quick feedback form, and most of them really enjoyed it.  Some of the comments I received were:

“I liked it because it was interactive.”  “It was fun and easy. I enjoyed it!”  “I liked this activity because it was different and less typing.”  (We had just finished journaling!)

We will definitely be using this again soon!

8 thoughts on “VoiceThread

  1. Hola Maris.
    I teach middle school Spanish too and I love reading your blog!
    Several years ago I tried Voicethread. I think it can be a great tool for presentational speaking. I was new to technology and had my students comment in class. Next time, I want to have the students do this from home! Each student was required to make a comment about the picture then pose a question. The following student answered the question, made a comment, and asked a question of their own. Here is a link to one of our Voicethreads:
    Mil gracias for all that you do to inspire others. Thanks for sharing!
    Janie C.

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