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Noticias de enero

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I have finally published another edition of noticias!  I made this for my students in Spanish 1B, but I am going to use it in Spanish II as well.  In this edition, I discuss:

  • Honduran schools are starting enrollments today.
  • The game between Chivas and the Pumas on Sunday- The Pumas haven’t won in 33 years!
  • There were two small explosions in Chile’s metro, but no one was hurt.
  • The controversy about beauty pageants for young children in Colombia

I am going to have my students take a True/False assessment.  Here are my questions:

  1. Schools start in March in Honduras.
  2. There are beauty pageants in Colombia where 5 year olds have to wear bathing suits in front of large crowds.
  3. Chivas team is playing the Pumas team on Sunday.
  4. The Chilean metro system has 5 lines.
  5. The last time the Pumas team won was 2001.
  6. Most schools in Honduras are free, but some require an entrance fee.
  7. In Chile, the explosions occurred to try to rob an ATM.
  8. There are 12 schools in Honduras.
  9. The beauty pageants in Mexico are very popular.

You can always have students answer these before reading and then find the correct answers in the reading.  I have found that is very engaging as well!


4 thoughts on “Noticias de enero

  1. I just found your site last month and it is amazing! I truly don’t know when you find the time to do so much. Thank you for sharing all your work with us. I can’t wait to use your “Noticias” with my 1st and 2nd year students.

    1. Awesome! I wish that I had more time honestly! I know that my students learn a lot about las noticias, but I have only done three this year- gah! It has definitely been a goal to incorporate more culture. Thanks for reading!!

    1. I normally link to the websites, but the Colombian article had some scantily clad women, so I didn’t this time! I start at. BBC mundo and then I look at newspapers from each country. It is time consuming, but I am so proud once I finish one. Plus I find that students get a lot out of it. Hopefully I will have more time this year to do at least two a month (my goal!)

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