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#Teach2Teach Question 1- Balancing Teaching and Planning

My to do list from last Friday... still not done!
My to do list from last Friday… still not done!

I love love love Amy’s idea of getting questions from pre service teachers and having bloggers answer!  I encourage more bloggers to participate (and non FL teachers, too!)  Here are my thoughts on how to balance teaching and planning:

  1. Store your old material well!  I always want to be more organized.  Before I had my son, I had to put everything that I had in a binder.  It was so great to refer back to that binder the next year!  Even if I change something or I leave something out, I may use it the following year.  I found it has cut down on my planning time drastically because I am not trying to find something on my computer or in a file cabinet. (I still am not perfect and some days cannot find a random study guide or quiz that I gave last year… grr!)  Also, make a binder from your student teaching, so you can look at that the next year for ideas.
  2. Collaborate with NON-FL teachers!  Allison suggests getting a lot of resources from other bloggers.  While that is such a great resource, I also suggest talking to people in different departments.  One of my favorite teacher friends gave me a great idea about a whiteboard game.  Stacey is in charge of my PLC (Best Practices), and she always has lots of ideas for me.  If you are a teacher, you have someone to collaborate with at your school even if you are the only one in your department!
  3. Plan for prep time!  As someone who struggles with organization, I read a great article about planning your prep time.  I had never thought about actually planning out what to do during my planning time.  It has been a big help this year to make me more effective during these times.

Finally, I agree with Amy that you are never “done.”  You have to organize what is the most important and what can wait.  You can see a picture of my list of things to get done last Friday… that I am still checking off this week!


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