Brillante Viernes: January 2, 2015 (and what to do when you go to back to school!)

The beach by my parents' house on Christmas Day!
The beach by my parents’ house on Christmas Day!

Happy Friday!  It is a bit of a sad Friday for most of us probably because it is the last Friday of break.  I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and New Year!  My New Year’s resolution is to drink more water.  I am ok when I am at home, but I am horrible at school!  Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?  Here are some ideas to read, and I am also going to share a few ideas of what to do that first day back to school.

1.  Samantha posted 40 of the best blog posts to read from 2014!  There are great ideas here (and I don’t just say that because mine is listed!  But thanks!!  I am honored!)

2.  This is a great list of free stock photos, so students do not use Google Image search.

3.  Zachary Jones lists the Spanish words most used in pop music.  Since we listen to a lot of music, I am going to have my students keep this as a reference… And they will not be surprised at #1 AT ALL!

Finally, here are some ideas to do when you return to school:

1.  Constantinople is my favorite warm-up activity to do when we return from break.

2.  Here are some tweets and traditions about NYE in Spanish-speaking countries if you have not done this before break.

3.  These ice breakers could easily be done in Spanish.  It would be great for students to find their favorite picture from break and caption it or hashtag it in Spanish.  The switch sides if would also be easy to do.

4.  Laura has another great round of fun stations for Spanish II.

5.  Finally, this is a great idea of recycling vocabulary.

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