Year in Review: 2014!

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Thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog!  Even though I have been blogging for two years now, I still get excited to see that someone has commented, tweeted or posted about my blog.  I appreciate all of your support!  Last year I highlighted some of my most popular posts from 2013.  While many of those posts still get a lot of hits this year, there are some more ideas that have broken into the Top Ten in 2014.  Have a safe and happy New Year!  Cheers!

1.  Leaving Emergency Sub Plans (in case you get the flu or stomach bug this year!)

2.  Warm-up Activities Ideas

3.  Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Activity

4.  15 Games for the FL Classroom

5.  Cinco Amigas Hand out (The irony here is that I lost my copy of Cinco Amigas!  If anyone sees it floating around Montgomery County, please return it!  🙂 )

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