Brillante Viernes: December 19, 2014

Woohoo!  Last day before break for me!  Hopefully you are done or really really really close to being done!  (Why oh why do administrators think it is smart to keep kids in school until December 23rd?!)  Anyway, here are some ideas to get you through to break if you are not there already… or to start on a good foot when you return!

1. Kara always does wonderful work, and here she posts about a new movie Canela with plenty of activities.  We are proposing a movie and lit class, and I think this movie would be a good addition.

2.  This use of Google Forms is great!  Check out her warm-ups, too!  They are highly engaging.

3.  I love this description board game in French.  It could easily be changed to Spanish, too.

4.  This blog gives a great way to sort lines in songs or in other activities.

5.  Finally, check out the International Journal of FL Teaching.  This is their 10th anniversary!

My family is off to our home in Virginia Beach!  I will probably pop in a few times over break including my top yearly posts, but I hope everyone has time to disconnect and reconnect with their family.

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