Simple Sundays: Teacher Wish list for the holidays

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Do you know a teacher in your life in your family?  Stumped on what to get her?  Here are some of the items that I love receiving and some that are on my family wish list this year:

  1. I LOVE Sanuks!  True story: I even played dodgeball in them at school.  They are a little casual though.  Now they have Sanuk ballet flats, so I can wear them to school every day!
  2. Anthropologie is my favorite store.  They have a lot of great clothes to wear to school and around town.  I always check out the sale items.  A gift card is always great here.  I also get a lot of my teacher clothes at Loft or J Crew Factory. (Plus at Loft and J Crew, they have a teacher discount!)  Those would work too especially if you do not have an Anthropologie close to you.
  3. Slow cookers are great for long work days.  This new version has the ability to brown the meat first.  Dishes taste much better after browning.  Make sure the teacher in your life really loves to cook though!  I love getting kitchen gifts, but not everyone feels that way.
  4. The Curly Girl wall calendar is always my gift to myself.  I even cut pictures out and hang them in my class the next year.
  5. Colorful pens are always fun and a good stocking stuffer.  They are more expensive than you think!  (Or you could go with the classic lottery ticket in hopes of winning it big!)
  6. If I was going to add a book to my list (which I am not because I still have a book to read from last Christmas!) I would add Death at Chateau Bremont.  I am a sucker for a good mystery!  I love all of Ellen Crosby’s Wine Country Mysteries.   They take place in Virginia, too.

What did I miss?  What is on your holiday wish list?

2 thoughts on “Simple Sundays: Teacher Wish list for the holidays

  1. We rarely ever get gifts from students – I think it must be a primary school thing! I like getting cards with a thoughtful message in them the most. Something that makes me go “oh, so I did make a difference!” This is actually the end of the school year here in Aus, and many of my students will move on to other subjects/schools… Cards are great (especially if I can use them in my portfolio for re-registration!).

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