Linoit for Blended Class

A screenshot of the Linoit for my students
A screenshot of the Linoit for my students

One thing that I quickly added this year for my blended class is Linoit.  It is a virtual corkboard.  Since my students are not in the same room that I am, they can post their questions here.  I have the board open, and I see every time a new sticky is added.  I can respond to their questions.  This was a safety net of sorts when we started.  In the beginning, students would ask me questions frequently.  Now, they have not posted a question in the past few virtual days.  It is impressive to see them becoming more independent.  You could also use Linoit for homework.  You could post different questions and have students respond with their name.  Once you create a board, you can just select your sticky color and type a response.

3 thoughts on “Linoit for Blended Class

  1. Maris, have you used Padlet in the classroom, too? I’ve used both Padlet and Linoit and have gone back and forth with my preference. Recently, I’ve been using Padlet a lot more. Would love your thoughts if you’ve explored both.

    1. I have used Padlet. I think that Linoit is better in this case because it is bigger. When I was using Padlet, it was a smaller board, so I would have run out of space for my blended classes.

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