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Brillante Viernes: December 5, 2014

Happy December!  It is my favorite month of the year- probably because my birthday occurs, my husband has his birthday, we celebrate our anniversary and of course Christmas!  Hopefully you are getting into the holiday spirit.  Here is some information for you:

1.  I love Laura’s thoughts on assessments and IPAs.

2.  SO MANY students ask me how to add accents!  Here is an easy way: Google Add On accents.  First thing on Monday- we are doing this!

3.  We did quick mentor sentences in my class this Friday, and it went really well!  I am looking forward to incorporating this into our weekly routine.

4.  This blog highlights some ideas for how to talk about Christmas in class including Christmas commercials.

On a side note, does anyone have good Spanish Pandora Christmas stations?  I could definitely use one!


4 thoughts on “Brillante Viernes: December 5, 2014

  1. There’s a “Navidad Latina” station that I’ve played in class before. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, as usual!

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