After the exam, my students watched Pelotero, and it was fabulous.  The students really enjoyed it, and it talked about the dirty underworld of baseball in the Dominican Republic.  We also looked up the players to see how they are doing now.  In some classes, we had some good conversations about whether or not it was fair how these players are treated.  Here are some extension activities that you can use:

  • This is an interview with the director.  It also addresses some of the questions that your students may ask.
  • This is a list of the soundtrack from the video- which is also very good.
  • Miguel Angel just had surgery last season, and this is an article after his surgery.
  • Miguel Angel also has a Twitter account with recent pictures.
  • Here are Jean Carlos’s stats from his last team.

Finally, I will say that there are two points where people curse in the movie.  You know your school well enough to know if this is ok or not.

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