Authentic resources for “Me gusta”

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This year, I am going to try something new when I introduce the verb gustar.  I have used it frequently, but students are still using it differently.  I am going to display these authentic resources and tell students to focus on the verb gustar.  I hope that they will figure it out more organically.  We will collect our thoughts at the end.  Here are some of the sources that I am going to use:

This has likes and dislikes.

I put this up earlier- Cosas que me gustan del otoño.

Here is another post about what she likes about fall.

Finally, I created a hand-out with different likes from Twitter. Twitter Me Gusta

I am also going to use the Qué Asco activities from Señor Wooly.  I cannot recommend him enough!  You should definitely get a subscription if you have not.  I am excited to see my students discover the differences on their own.

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