Throwback Thursday: Exam Ideas and Prep

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I am in the midst of exam prep and administration.  This always seems to take longer than I think each year… I want to add a different story, the kids want a different song.  Sorry my posting has been a bit sparse; however, I wanted to summarize a few of my previous posts on exams and add a few new ideas to help you!

Here is how I differentiate on my final exam.

I give each class a study guide.  Here is my Spanish II Final Study Guide as an example.

Each year, I give my students the following treats and notes for their exam.

I use some of these games to review as well.  This year, I also found Jenga in the $3 bin at Target!  I put numbers on each one piece and printed out different sheets with questions for different classes.  Thanks Creative Language Class for the idea!  This was also a perfect activity after their math exam.

Finally, my classes have study hall time where I roam.  Although my kids have plenty of online practice via Haiku and Zondle, I like to make a crossword puzzle using Puzzlemaker.  They can check the answers by themselves.

Good luck and happy exams!

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