Brillante Viernes: October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!  I will have to publish my costume later, but I was excited because our whole 8th grade team had a theme.  I managed to tie mine to Spanish- woohoo!  Here are some things to read while you are eating leftover Halloween candy:

1.  This whole book has foldables for you to use in your class!  I plan on using these when I am reviewing for the exam.  We can all use some craft time then.

2.  I missed this fun listening activity on Martina’s blog!

3.  I love the idea of using animated GIFs in class.

4.  Here are some fun “holidays” to incorporate into your class as conversation starters.  You could bring up the 100 Montaditos menu and ask what each student would order for National Sandwich Day!


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