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Candy for Halloween

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After seeing this post about Chupa Chups, I bought a set for my class at Target!  However, I am not the type of teacher to just give away candy because it is Halloween.  You must EARN your lollipop!  I found this infographic in Spanish about Chupa Chups.  It is understandable for my Spanish 1B and II students.  I am going to have my Spanish 1A students just research these questions in English.  Here are my questions for my students:

  1. Who founded Chupa Chups?
  2. Where did Chupa Chups start?
  3. How many flavors are there?
  4. In 1969, who redesigned the logo?
  5. What is one of his famous paintings in the National Gallery of Art?*
  6. When the company expanded internationally, what were the first two countries where they expanded?
  7. Which celebrities have promoted the company (at least 2)?
  8. What does “chupar” mean in Spanish?*
  9. Once you finish these questions, you must show them to your teacher and ask in Spanish for the flavor that you want.

*These two questions are not on the website.  We visit the NGA which is why I included that question.  You can omit it or use a museum by your students.

Hope your students earn their candy even on Halloween!


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