Monster writing prompts!

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I want to give my lesson plans a Halloween twist this week- even though it is not culturally authentic.  Today, we started completed some monster writing.  I was able to use this for multiple levels.  I gave specific questions to answer.  Here are the prompts:

  • Describe your monster.
  • Describe your monster’s likes and dislikes.  What do they want for Halloween?  What is a monster confession?  Do they have a family?
  • What did your monster do last night?  (Preterite tense)
  • If you are working on other past tenses, you could have students talk about the monster’s past life.
  • You could also talk about what the monster is going to do on Halloween.

Once they complete this activity, I give each person a yellow sticky and a green sticky.  They must vote on another group’s monster.  They choose which one is the scariest and which answer is the best.  This allows them to see everyone else’s monsters.  I highlight some of their favorite responses.  Happy Halloween Monday!

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