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Noticias: October 15, 2014

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I have a new edition of my noticias!  I included a story about the Mexican students who disappeared.  I also talked about the many Cuban doctors who are traveling to Africa to help with Ebola.  My students are very interested in Ebola, so I know they would be interested to find out this information.  It would also be a good conversation starter- would you go to help if you were a doctor?  I also included an article about Pablo Escobar’s hippos in Colombia that cannot find a home.

Here is the link to the article.

I plan on encouraging students to take notes.  After this, we will play Kahoot!  With Kahoot, I start the game.  Each student goes to and enters the game code on their own device.  Then, they race to answer the question correctly.  I played this with my students today, and they loved it!  Also, I am loving LucidPress– the company that I use to set up the newsletters!


4 thoughts on “Noticias: October 15, 2014

  1. Love this idea! I’m thinking of trying it myself, but am not very tech savvy. For starters, how could I reproduce this version of your noticias to use with my students? (with your permission and credit of course) I read your blog very often and you have great ideas.
    Thanks. ( A 30 year language teacher trying to enlarge her bag of tricks.) P. Villa,
    MS French and Spanish, Brunswick, NY

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my blog! I just give my students the link. We are 1:1. They haven’t had trouble reading it. I haven’t tried printing from LucidPress as a whole. Today, I selected the sports articles for my 1B class to read. I did a screenshot of those articles, and they were easy to print. Let me know if this works!

      1. Thanks! I borrowed the ten iPads we have available in my school and students read your article on the kidnapped Mexican students.
        (8th grade, second year). They all understood most of it and were able to comment as well. Good lesson for current events, and also because we’ve just started reading Tumba.
        Pat Villa

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