Warm-up activity: Secret country

I found this warm-up activity on the Busy Teacher website (which I love!)  It is perfect for Spanish!  You can start to describe what people are doing in a secret country that speaks Spanish.  You could start by talking about traditional foods from that country, famous people from the country etc.  As students guess different countries, you can add more obvious facts such as the capital, the political leader, and surrounding countries.  I love this idea before having students listen to a song from that country because It is a great introduction.  You could also bring in something authentic to share from that country or show a slideshow of pictures.  I read Teach Like a Pirate this summer, and one thing that the author mentions is building suspense.  This activity would build excitement and suspense for any country.  The possibilities are endless!  Have you tried something like this?  How did it work?

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