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Amazing race clues!

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Today in my class, we are having an amazing race to review!  Students are going to start with clue one and a practice activity.  My practice activities consist of an old vocabulary quiz, a writing section and a reading section.  You could have more activities, but I do not think my students would finish it all.  Once they complete the first activity, they receive clue two.  When they finish the last activity and receive clue four, they must figure out what is happening and answer the final question.  I used teachers at my school, so you want to change the names to teachers at your own school.  In the first set of clues, I say where each person is.  In the second set, I tell what each person has.  In the third set of clues, I say what each person is missing.  Finally, I tell what each person gave to someone else.  One person did not loan out one thing that they were missing!  The students must figure out who stole what item.  Here are the clues:

Clue #1:

Hay seis cuartos y seis personas.

-Srta. Simpson está en el dormitorio.

-Sr. Trammell está en la cocina.

-Srta. Lib está en el comedor.

-Srta. Henry está en la sala.

-Sr. Hollars está en el jardín.

-Sra. Hawkins está en el garaje.

Clue #2:

-La persona en el dormitorio tiene dos tijeras.

-La persona en el garaje tiene tres faldas.

-La persona en la sala tiene ocho libros.

-La persona en el comedor tiene tres tacos.

-La persona en la cocina tiene nueve bocadillos.

-La persona en el jardín tiene tres carros.

Clue #3:

-A Sra. Hawkins le faltan (is missing) dos tijeras.

-A Sr. Hollars le falta un taco.

-A Srta. Henry le faltan dos faldas.

-A Srta. Lib le falta un carro.

-A Srta. Simpson le faltan tres bocadillos.

-A Sr. Trammell le faltan dos libros.

Clue #4:

-Sr. Hollars le da un taco.

-Sr. Trammel le da dos libros.

-Srta. Simpson le da tres bocadillos.

-Sra. Hawkins le da unas tijeras.

-Srta. Lib le da un carro.

-Srta. Henry le da dos faldas.


Who robbed something? From whom did he/she steal something? What did he/she steal?


6 thoughts on “Amazing race clues!

  1. I love this idea, but I must be missing something. I’m struggling to figure out who was the thief! Everyone gave out what they were missing, correct? or is whoever has surplus left over? (I’m sure I will feel stupid after you give me the answer)

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