News Update: September 24

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I have updated my newsletter for Spanish.  This week, I focus on:

  • The Olympics in Chemistry in Uruguay
  • Immigrants to Colombia and their struggle to find a job
  • A natural reserve outside of Honduras
  • An indigenous language in Mexico which only has 7 speakers.

To prep my students, we are going to do the pre-reading activity of predicting true or false statements.  Students then correct it after they read the articles.  Here are the statements that I am going to use:

  1. There are many people from the US who immigrate to Colombia.
  2. There is an Olympics for Chemistry for Central and South America.
  3. Spanish is the only language spoken in Mexico.
  4. Ponj is the sound that a machete makes.

Here is the link for the newsletter!  Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “News Update: September 24

  1. Thank you for sharing this activity! I love it! I did your last newsletter with my 8th graders, and they were really surprised at how much they understood on their own. Thanks again! 🙂

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