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Brillante Viernes: September 12, 2014

Happy Friday!  I am visiting Austin, Texas for my husband’s good friend’s wedding!  Yeehaw!  Austin has always been on my bucket list of places to visit.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend!  Here are some of my favorite links from this week:

1.  I love these ideas of assessing speaking.  I always start out strong then flounder.  I will continue my quest this year!

2.  This list of five simple ways to become a better teacher will help anyone.  Plus, isn’t it better to collaborate (and have coffee) in the teacher’s lounge than complain?!

3.  Zachary Jones includes great paintings from El Museo de Arte de El Salvador.

4.  Samantha Decker has two great ideas that she shared: an end of the year project and bringing in local restaurant owners to cook.



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