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Scoot! A variation of Chaos

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This summer, I have read more about task cards and a game called Scoot.  I tried it out with my Spanish II class today, and it went really well!  Each student had a hand-out, and then the questions were scattered throughout the room.  I should have had a little worksheet on the back, too.  I would like to do some sort of puzzle, so it is exciting to them- not just seen as extra busy work.  I gave my students 39 seconds originally, but they were speedy!  I cut it down to 29 seconds to move and answer the question.  I created my questions in a PPT because they were easy to print out all on one page.  I am including my PPT for Spanish II as well as the hand out that each student filled out.  Enjoy!  

scoot review

scoot answer sheet


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