Epic Battle! Google Translate versus Word Reference

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.43.11 PM

Tomorrow in class, we are going to have an EPIC BATTLE!  Google Translate versus Word Reference!  I may even play some Rocky music.  Google Translate Songs is a thing now, and they have a YouTube station with many contemporary songs.  I am also going to have students look up words using Google Translate to see what happens when they use it.  Students will finally learn how to use Word Reference correctly.  I included the hand out below.  Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Epic Battle! Google Translate versus Word Reference

  1. So many thanks for this! I have been wanting to demonstrate this to my students for so long 🙂 Just needed a good activity – thanks!!!

  2. I like your Epic Battle idea better than what I did. I had a mini-webquest to teach them how to use WR properly and it didn’t do as good of a job as I think yours would. I will use it next year! I found that the kids liked the Pocahontas video the best; it was really funny.

  3. I was actually kind of impressed that Google Translate did pretty well with those sentences. I mean, of course I encourage WordReference, but Google has definitely improved!

  4. I was going to show a video about this that I had found on Youtube but these seems like it will be better because each kid can do it with their own phone and see it for themselves. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. This will be awesome to use with my own students! I wish I had seen this when I was student teaching this semester. Oh well. Now I can use it in the future though. I had many students ask why I didn’t want them to use Google Translate, but I couldn’t think of good examples of why not other than just to say it doesn’t do it right. This will be a good activity to have them see it for themselves!

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