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Tips from our back to school sessions

I finally have the time to sit down and think about the information from our session from back to school.  As I tweeted, my favorite educational consultant came on Wednesday.  I always take a lot of notes and come away with a new idea or three.  Here are my favorite ideas:

1.  Many people do the inside-outside circle.  In this scenario, the students on the inside circle ask questions to the students of the outside circle.  To turn this into a no prep activity, the students on the inside think of their own question.  You can also play music and have students keep moving until the music stops.  This idea turns the activity into a no prep one which can be done at the end of the class if you have extra time.

2.  One of my favorite ideas that we did that I loved was an anticipated reading guide.  She wrote three true/false statements before we read.  Then, she asked the teachers to raise their hands for which one they thought was true or false.  We all could not WAIT to get to the reading to see if it was true or false.  Literally, I cannot explain how excited I was to see if I was right.  This made the reading really engaging.

3. Another fun writing activity is passing notes.  One student writes a response to a question then the teacher adds another question.  The next student responds to the original writer and answers the question from the teacher.  Finally, the teacher passes the notes one more time and the third student does the same.  I think it is important for the teacher to add more questions for each subsequent student to answer.  

I know that I will be able to use these resources throughout the year.  Our department is going to try to use the passing note activity in our classes.


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