Brillante Viernes: August 15, 2014

Well here it is!  I officially have one more week until I am back at school.  AH!  Luckily, we have one trip to Volga, WV this weekend, and I have fun plans with John Thomas before he goes back to day care.  I am going to take the next week off to recharge before the craziness of back to school starts. I will see you in a week!  Meanwhile, check this out…

1.  This NPR article about the blood festival in Peru is fascinating.  It would be an interesting tie into bullfighting units as well.

2.  This Brillante Viernes post is Peru heavy, but this blog post about Peruanismos would be great to add to a phrase of the week collection.

3.  I have been wanting to write a Choose Your Own Adventure novel for forever… perhaps, I should read one first though!  Mike Peto gives amazing advice to do so.  Can I finish one in a week?

4.  This is an older post, but I just read it!  I love the use of octopus, and the picture activity.

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