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I have recently discovered the website theSkimm.  The premise is that they give you a summary of the news each day.  I was inspired!  How perfect would this be for my Spanish students?!  It would give them news from different countries in language that they can understand.  It hits the culture topic and helps students read.  Plus, there is always fascinating news happening throughout Latin America that we never hear about in the US unless we look for it.  I created my first edition for my students.  I targeted Spanish II for now, but I know that some of my Spanish IB students will be able to read it later in the year.  This edition covers: the Palestinian population in Chile (it is larger than Egypt or LIbya!), Luis Suárez’s penalty post bite and the new hit musical in Colombia.  My goal is to cover different countries each time.  I also added a crossword puzzle at the end.  I know that I will vary this each time.  Let me know what you think!  

noticias 14 de agosto

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