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New Ideas from an Old Bag

I own too many purses and bags, but the good thing is that many times, I find something stashed in an old bags.  This week, I am on a roll!  I found $10 in an old purse and my old PD folder in another school bag- score!  This year, I am trying to implement more goals from Pinterest and Brillante Viernes.  I also want to modify some of my speaking games, so I am not constantly doing just information gaps or find someone who.  This first idea is from Lynn Johnson, and it would be the perfect bell ringer.  You can ask students to list five things in their room, book bag, locker, sports bag, etc.  Then with a partner, each person takes a turn guessing what is on the other person’s list.  The winner is the partner who figures out their partner’s full list first.

The second speaking activity comes from Laurin Baker.  It is called grab bag.  You can put different items from the unit in a bag.  Students must say three things about their object.  For beginners, it can be useful to put a script on the board.  She recycles this bag throughout the unit or in later units, so students can say more about the items and they serve as a review.  This would be perfect.  My plan is to use this right after my bell ringer or at the end of class.  I would keep the amount of students that go each time to two or three.  It can become cumbersome for students to listen to all of their classmates present.  (I say that and I only have 18 students in my biggest class…)  Have you found any good treasures recently while getting ready for school?


3 thoughts on “New Ideas from an Old Bag

  1. grab bag sounds like a great small group activity–have one grab bag for each group with 4-5 things to pull out. I learned from Creative Language Blog when I do centers that everything goes smoother if I have 2 sets of each center and fewer rotations.

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