My organizational goals for this year… and other random thoughts

I still have a few weeks, but many people are going back to school.  I still have sewing classes going on in my learning center (aka what we call the portables).  My husband is the best organizer I know.  He inspires me to be better than I am (and people actually call me organized!  HA!)  I wanted to post a few organizational ideas that I have for this year:

1.  I love this post of 20 tips for organization.  My favorite is to make a “Where is it?” list.  I am going to get started on that when I organize my classroom.  I still cannot find the key to my filing cabinet that I put away when I was pregnant two summers ago.  I wish I had this list then!

2.  This is a great list of 8 things to do before the school year starts.  I want to start planning my prep period.  So many times I get wrapped up in something, and I don’t accomplish the main things.  Also, do you use the remind app?  We have our class websites, so I wonder how much the parents would use this app.  What are your thoughts?

Also, I have my student desks in groups of four.  I know this drives many of my colleagues crazy when they have to use my room, but this article explains why I do it.

Finally (more of my random thoughts!), check out Edutopia’s 8 weeks of free teacher resources for back to school.  I love this website!

What are your organizational goals for this year?  Have I missed any good ones?

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