My hints for using Pinterest for teachers

I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Pinterest, but if not, the summer is a perfect time to start!  I started to use this to find recipes and house ideas, but I soon realized how many Spanish teachers were using them.  It quickly became my go to place to get ideas about teaching.  I couldn’t believe how many great resources that I never knew about before Pinterest.  It can also become overwhelming.  Here is my page.

1.  First, you should find teachers to follow.  I created a list of some of my favorites here.  You can follow all of their boards by pressing the “follow all” button under their name and picture. (Red circle below)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.55.26 PM


… or you can follow specific boards by clicking on follow below those boards. (Follow button below)

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.55.41 PMRemember you can always unfollow certain boards if people start posting a ton of cat pictures, and you are totally a dog person!  In all reality, if one board keeps popping up, and you are not interested, then you should unfollow.  There is no need to scroll through all of that.  Pinterest will also suggest pins that they think you will like even if you are not following those boards.  They will pop up on your homepage as well.

2.  Now, when you open your main page, it will show all of what your followers are “pinning” to their boards.  Here is what mine looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.02.14 PM

3.  On your own board, you can create different boards.  These will classify your pins.  In all honesty, I need to reclassify some of them, so my boards are not so big.  You can create boards based on topic (different units) or ideas such as reading, writing etc.

4.  Then whenever you are browsing your Pinterest, you can repin items to your boards.  Repinning means that they will also appear on your board.  When you click on a “pin” this image will display:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.07.56 PM

You want to click on the “Pin it” button (see circle above).  You can also like something, but it will not be repined to your site.  You can click on the big picture to visit the site or the button at the top that says visit site.  This will click to the actual site.  Once you click the “pin it” button, the following will appear:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.08.06 PMYou select the board that you want, and you click pin it again.  Then you are all set.  You have successfully repined an item!

Here are my tips about Pinterest:

  • When you are pinning, make sure you pin to the correct page especially if you are pinning from a blog.  It can be very frustrating to have to go through a whole blog to find the specific blog post that you wanted.
  • Go back and revisit the bottom of your pages, so you remember what you pinned.  I remember great ideas that I wanted to do early on.
  • My favorite way to look at good blog posts is to look at the other pins from the same website.  You can do that here (oval) when you click on a pin:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.49.12 PM


Hopefully this is enough to get you started with Pinterest!  It is my favorite way to get ideas.  Finally, many people become overwhelmed with ideas on Pinterest.  Remember that no life is like Pinterest.  Do not feel like you have to replicate everything that you see!  If you get a few ideas from Pinterest, it is worth it.  Do you have any other Pinterest tips to share?  I always love learning something new.


7 thoughts on “My hints for using Pinterest for teachers

    1. Me too! My original board is a mess, and I wish that I could have two separate accounts if I were going to do it again. I have all my friends following my boards and now teachers, so I don’t want to split them… but at the same time, I need more boards and time to separate them!

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