Including students in my plans

In my various warm-ups, many times, I ask students questions.  Sometimes they use target vocabulary that we are working on in class.  Other times, I just talk about upcoming events.  Students write down their responses, so they can plan them.  However, I always make sure to ask follow-up questions.  This way students practice reading and writing as well as listening and speaking.    I am still working on exit tickets.  This year, for an exit ticket, I am going to have students write down questions.  I am going to use their questions for the warm-up the next day.  I will probably end up using some on assessments as well.  This puts more ownership on the students, and they will become more engaged when they see their questions appearing.  Also, this decreases my prep time in thinking of the questions.  I could also have students switch questions and answer their partner’s questions for homework.

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