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Brillante Viernes: July 25, 2014

I am back in Virginia Beach again this week!  I love summer, and it has been great to be able to spend time with my baby.  Hopefully, you are still enjoying summer.  Is anyone back yet?  (I hope not!  This is TOO early!)  Here are some great ideas for this week:

1.  I love this idea of using Instagram as a class tool!  Most of my students use Instagram instead of any other social platform nowadays.

2.  Wouldn’t this be cute?  It is a bulletin board of things that make you smile.  This would be perfect during a likes and dislikes unit- or as a review at the beginning of the year.

3.  This mint bowl is perfect for back to school night.  (Ugh- I hate when Pinterest doesn’t link to anything except a picture!)

4.  This ultimate directory of free images sources is great!  My students are always looking for images that they can use; however, be careful with Google Image Search as students cannot use all of those images.


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