Throwback Thursday: Back to School and my ideas for this year

Welcome back, fall!
Welcome back, fall!

I know that while I still have about a month more of summer (thank goodness!), many of you start in early August.  (WHAT?!  I have always been in states that start in late August/beginning of September.)  I wanted to post a “throwback” to some of the ideas that I posted last year.

Also, I have two ideas for new bulletin boards.  I have decided to include a word wall this year.  I am not sure why I didn’t decide to use it earlier, but after many people mentioned it on #langchat, I am making the jump.  I really like this post about word walls.  I am going to stick to high frequency words instead of words that relate to a specific topic (i.e.- family, food etc.)

As I mentioned before, I really want to implement this hand project “Why to study a foreign language” to have ready for back to school night.  It would be a great first day activity.  Are you changing up any of your bulletin boards?

I am OBSESSED with Laura’s idea about Pirate Fun Stations!  And it made me finally fulfill my promise of reading TLAP from last year.  (Well order it!)

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