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Adding spice to videos or skits

I have discovered that if I do not add twists to videos or skits, they can be a bit… boring.  If my students are not inspired, they will stick to the minimum requirements for the most part.  I have developed some different twists for two typical themes in foreign languages.  The first is daily routine:

  • You woke up an hour late.
  • Your uniform is not clean.
  • You cannot fall asleep at night.
  • You have to help your little brother or sister get ready.

The second topic is travel.  I used this for our train theme, but you could adapt it to an airport theme or travel in general.

  • You lost your luggage (or it was stolen)
  • Someone stole your passport, money, or credit card
  • The train arrives two hours late
  • Your friend wants to buy everything in the store, and y’all will arrive late to the train
  • You cannot find the correct platform

Do you add any problems or spice up your performances for kids?  What themes do you add?


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