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Brillante Viernes: July 4, 2014

Turtle tracks on Pritchard's Island in SC
Turtle tracks on Pritchard’s Island in SC

Happy fourth of July!!  I hope everyone is enjoying a day of summer fun!  Or at least avoiding the hurricane!  Growing up in Virginia Beach, I know how nerve wracking the storms can be.  I have found some great posts this past week, so I hope you can enjoy them.

1.  Love love this post on Edutopia of summer tips from Vicki Davis.  I don’t have any costumes, but it inspires me to try next year!

2.  Sara-Elizabeth had a great Camp Musicuentos!  The wiki is a great resource for those of us not lucky enough to attend.

3.  This website creates fake tweets!

4.  Speaking of Twitter, I love this formative assessment for students to “tweet” what they know.

I hope you have enjoyed some good beach reading!  My goal for July is to finally crack into some of my books.  Here is a great list of beach reads for this summer.


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