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Zondle: Fun online practice

As I continue to develop my online class (I can’t wait for my big reveal later this month!), our teacher shared the website Zondle with us.  It is really cute, and you can create your own quizzes in it.  Then you can add different games to your quizzes.  I love the Whack a Snowman or Catch the eggs.  You must answer a question correctly to play the game.  It also provides prompts for you to do so.  Students can log in and see the leaderboard and get Zollars.  Some of my students love Quizlet to see who has the highest scores in the class.  Zondle will create the same atmosphere.  It would also be fun for fast finishers.  I plan on creating Zondle quizzes for each unit.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Zondle: Fun online practice

    1. I haven’t had my students experiment, but I know that some would be very motivated by the “scoreboard” aspect as well. I am excited to see what they think!

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